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      Supplier Relations

      Suppllier Relations Logo

      Robert Half’s North American corporate procurement department manages the acquisition of goods and services necessary to support company initiatives and operations.

      The procurement team contributes to the company by contracting with suppliers that bring value to the organization and minimize risk. We seek to work with suppliers that can meet our business requirements for scale, quality and service levels; bring value through competitive pricing and innovation; and align with Robert Half’s values and principles.

      Robert Half pursues broad-based competition among potential suppliers, including diverse businesses. We seek to adhere to high ethical and professional standards, and we adopt and follow practices that support this goal.

      Supplier inclusion

      Procurement’s supplier inclusion team is committed to developing successful relationships with small and/or minority-, woman-, veteran-, disabled veteran- and LGBTQ-owned businesses to meet the needs of our organization.

      Read more about supplier inclusion

      Register in our supplier portal

      If you would like to contact us about your product or service, we encourage you to register in our supplier database, or call our supplier inclusion hotline at 1.866.621.1810.

      Register in our supplier portal

      Supplier Code of Conduct

      Supplier Code of Conduct

      We seek relationships with suppliers whose values and principles align with ours. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have of our suppliers in North America.

      Read our Supplier Code of Conduct

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